Remedial Massage Therapy

“I specialise in soft tissue remedial massage with a focus on the body from a holistic perspective. Body, mind and energy as a whole being. My treatment technique is a gentler practice, working with the facia and muscles in a traditional style and I use vacuum cups, heated stones and elbows for deeper tissue work along with acupressure and moxa. I use circulation/loosening-up massage strokes to aid circulation, additional strokes and techniques to loosen up tight muscles & to increase range of movement” Rachael (2016).

A deeper tissue massage may involve a region of the body associated with discomfort and includes techniques for dealing with tight muscles. This enables manipulation of soft tissues to treat muscular dysfunction for a specific body area.

As Remedial Massage varies from individual to individual, appointment times include assessment, treatment, & may include education where indicated. Each session is tailored to meet the clients specific needs.

Remedial Massage & Bodywork Brochure


Remedial Massage Therapy is available as a  30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute or 90 minute booking.

Please see Packages & Fees for our current pricing schedule and T&C’s.