Meet and Greet Sessions


Make a booking to come and meet Rachael, see our clinic space and discuss making a treatment plan or simply check out what’s on offer at Fiore Massage!
New to Fiore Massage?

New to Fiore Massage or simply curious to trial another type of treatment from our menu? Make a booking to come and meet Rachael, see our clinic space and discuss whatever your birthing needs are or simply check out what’s on offer.

Fiore Massage’s range of services include

•Therapuetic and Remedial Massage
•ili ili Hawaiian Hot Stone Bodywork
•Nurturelife Remedial Pregnancy Massage
•Essential Oil Bodywork
•Womb Love Bodywork
•Energy Balance Bodywork

Why “meet and greet” ?

During a “meet and greet” you can  meet with Rachael & check out what we have to offer at Fiore Massage.  A “Meet and greet” allows a new client to interact with the us to get the feel about  the type of treatment or  care that can be expected without obligation.

What to expect at “meet and greet”?

You can query Rachael on the type and range of care and services offered, our care philosophy, our training, costs involved and anything else you want to.

Can we do “meet and greet” more than once?

Unfortunately, no. We only offer a single “meet and greet”.

Is there a ‘charge’ or a ‘fee’ for “meet and greet”?

Absolutely NO. A “meet and greet” is meant to help you make an informed decision on selecting Fiore Massage. At this point you are not our client and there is absolutely no charge. We will offer you tea or coffee, and a 25% off voucher for Fiore Massage treatments or Fiore Mama Bodywork.

How to sign up for a “meet and greet” ?

Contact our office at 0418 577205 during regular business hours and request for a “meet and greet” appointment (Please leave a message).  We will allocate a time slot for you. Or just head to our Online Bookings page and choose A Meet and Greet Session – Fiore Massage from the drop down menu!

Do I really need to do a  “meet and greet”?

The choice is yours. We provide a lot of information about our care philosophy on our website. Most people also come to us through referrals. There are reviews  on our Facebook Page.  A “meet and greet” is just an additional option for people who want to decide on signing up with Rachael and Fiore Massage for their treatment and wellness needs.



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