Labour Prep Massage & Labour Support Session

Close up man touching his new baby

NurtureLife® for Labour

Pregnancy is never static; it is constantly changing and developing. NurtureLife® massage techniques focus on these changes and adapt to our clients’ ever changing needs in the lead-up to labour.

NurtureLife® for labour explores how to best prepare the body to move through the waves of change in labour, while maintaining the mind-body-birth-baby-connection.

NurtureLife® techniques offer a set of specialised skills for the birth partner to easily adapt and utilise with the labouring woman.
Private sessions for the couples or mum-to-be and birth partner are also offered as part of NurtureLife®treatment.
These sessions instill confidence in both the pregnant mum and partner, and you learn different massage techniques for various birthing scenarios.

We will explore how to support you through the first stage of labour allowing your body to comfortably move and adjust in this early stage. Our focus is to reduce any fears or anxiety; this allows the body to produce the right hormones for the labour to progress, engaging a sense of connection and openness. Creating the right environment for the laboring women is essential for her to feel safe, secure and nurtured.

You will feel confident and more connected with your birth partner knowing they have the tools to support you in your labour as you both journey to parenthood.

Touch is soothing, calming and what connects us; you will always remember the overwhelming joy you feel the first time you touch your new baby.

This is a shared journey to parenthood.

Sessions are tailored to your needs whether you are a first time mother or already have children.