So excited to finally let the cat out of the bag! This is something Danielle and I have been working hard on behind the scenes for quite a long time, and we’re getting close to launching our collaborative project “Getting Ready for Baby”!


Rachael Elswyk, of Fiore Massage + Fiore Mama, together with Danielle Black, Holistic Health Practitioner, are pleased to introduce “Getting Ready For Baby”, a beautiful combination of Bodywork, Hypnotherapy, Labour Preparation and Planning.

Our “Getting Ready for Baby” sessions have been developed because we have both noticed for some time that many birthing families are needing more from what is currently offered in pregnancy, labour, birth and post-natal services and support.
Although we will offer specific consultations with a particular focus, all of our new consultations will continue to be underpinned with our current philosophy – that is, your consultation is tailored to meet YOUR needs; whether you are a new family or a growing family, a family new to the area or you just want a contemporary, evidence-based approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Whether you choose to birth at home or in a hospital, whether this is your first birth or your fifth, if you’re a VBAC or you’ve already booked a Caesarean Section – we are here to support you in your Motherhood journey and help you to strengthen your MIND-BODY-BABY connection.

Please stay connected to us through social media, via our websites, or in our clinic. We are on target to launch our new services in November 2017, but we welcome expressions of interest before then. And of course, we will always continue to offer our current treatments and consultations. Feel free to contact us direct, via:

Rachael Elswyk, Fiore Massage/Fiore Mama                            Phone 0418 577 205

Danielle Black, Holistic Health Practitioner                        Phone 0400 007 706


Rachael, a Remedial Pregnancy NurtureLife® Practitioner, Doula and Childbirth Educator* brings her extensive Bodywork knowledge to clients, having trained with a number of Birth World Specialists such as Pregnancy Massage Australia, Suzanne Yates, Sunderai Felich, Jenny Blyth and Spinning Babies. This experience and skill-base combines with Rachael’s many years of experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse (Theatre/Anaesthetics), Doula and *Student Lamaze Childbirth Educator to provide;


•Prenatal Remedial Massage Therapy
•Labour Preparation Bodywork,
•Birth Partner Essentials for Labour,
•Birth Plan Brainstorming Sessions
•Post-Natal Bodywork.



Danielle specialises in pre-conception health, fertility, stress management and the mind-body connection between health, wellbeing, fertility and pregnancy. Danielle’s numerous qualifications in the areas of Education, Counselling, Reproductive Health & Fertility, and soon-to-be Hypnotherapy (specialising in Fertility and Pregnancy), are highlighted by training with respected professionals such as Dr. Kerry Hampton and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer. A mother of three, Danielle brings her extensive professional and personal knowledge and expertise to provide;



•Pregnancy Stress Management,
•Labour Hypnotherapy & Relaxation and
•Post-Natal Planning and Preparation sessions

Hot Stone September!


I’m so exciting to be preparing for LEVEL 2 ili ili Stone Bodywork in October that I’ve decide to offer you guys a special price for September!

BOOK & PRE-PAY ONLINE during September 2017 for either an ili ili Hot Stone Massage or an Essential Oil Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes only) and receive 15% off the regular price!

Use the code HOTSTONESEPTEMBER at the checkout at to receive your discount.

Offer code available from Sunday 27/8, valid for bookings from September 1st to September 30, and only available for pre-paid online payments only. Follow the links in the online store to book in or visit


Click to open our online store


Pre-Pay July Offer!

We’re celebrating the launch of our online store and pre-pay facility!

For the month of July when you book and pre-pay your appointment online, you’ll receive 15% off the price of your massage!

Head to our store by clicking on the picture of our store front and take advantage of this great offer. Don’t forget to pop the code in.



*valid for bookings in JULY 2017 only.

**not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Treat Yourself!


Want to try our DELICIOUS ili ili Stone Massage?

For the ENTIRE month of May, we’re putting our 60 minute Hawaiian ili ili Hot Stone Bodywork on SALE! For the awesome investment of just $55 you can spend an hour in bliss, experiencing the healing combination of heated coconut oil, warm basalt stones and traditional Hawaiian bodywork, all working together to provide a deep therapeutic and remedial massage, bringing balance to your mind, body and soul.

Book online for appointments via our 24/7 online booking service (booking details are in our profile), and make sure to choose ili ili Hot Stone bodywork, 60 minutes from the drop down menu.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this special price for gift vouchers for Mothers Day gift giving too. Buy a gift voucher or two for the mum in your life, or treat yourself! Gift vouchers purchased for ili ili Stone bodywork specifically*, from now until the end of May, are eligible for the special price too! Message, email or text us (details are available in our profile) to purchase gift vouchers. You’re welcome to pick up from our Fiore Massage clinic space or we can arrange postage at no extra cost.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the 🌺 Hawaiian #zenzone


Local Post-Natal Resources


I’ve just uploaded a list of Post-Natal/Early Parenting resources and contacts, local to  Warragul 3820.

You can find it here :

I’m looking forward to adding many more!

If you’d like your resource, skills or community to be included in the list, drop me an email at


Temp Change of Clinic Hours



Hi, we’ve had to mix up our schedule a bit over the next month as Rachael will be in Melbourne for training on Tuesdays from the 21/2/17. So we’ve opened up bookings on Monday afternoons to evening from the 20th. Available online now through online bookings for a 5 week stretch!

Looking forward to seeing y’all in the Monday #zenzone!


Fiore Mama Manifesto



My aim for Fiore Massage / Fiore Mama is to hold space for women and their families through the entire birthing journey, be it with physical and emotional support, education and assistance, acting as a birth concierge or simply massaging out the knots and tightness of daily living so that they can achieve the birth they want.

As a doula I want to support women and birthing families by empowering them through education, resources and evidence based choices for childbirth. I believe a doula should support and nurture a family in a way that is unique to them and provides an environment for a them to grow as a family. I believe in the child birthing year, that support should cover all four trimesters. I believe birth is natural and should be as individual as you are. I believe you should feel safe, respected, encouraged and powerful and that childbirth is not a sickness but a life event that should be celebrated .

~ Rachael Elswyk – Fiore Mama.

As a single mum to a teenage boy, I know what it means to be surrounded and lifted by a supportive network. Having experience as a Peri-operative (Operating Theatre) Registered Nurse, I understand the environment of the hospital and medical world. As a Pregnancy Remedial Massage Therapist, I get the need for therapeutic touch and it’s benefits. As a student Childbirth Educator, I am on the path to providing you with up to date, unbiased, relevant and evidence based research and knowledge to help you develop the right birthing plan for you. I aim to provide accessible, affordable, quality, tailored birthing bodywork, support and education.

 “If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” 

~ John H. Kennell

When I began working with expectant women in 2013 through massage, I began to realise how important it was to demystify pregnancy and childbirth. To embrace birth as a positive experience. I wanted to hold space for women and their partners to feel like their pregnancy wasn’t treated as a “sickness” or something to be managed. I wanted them to be EMPOWERED.  To make informed decisions, to give them the opportunity to make their own best life choices, to ask the questions they thought they couldn’t ask, to feel that their experiences of birth were positive and unique.

I believe in giving 100% non-judgemental unbiased support through pregnancy, labour and postpartum. I believe you should feel respected, trusted and supported. I believe that women should have a safe, secure, and private environment to birth in. I believe a good positive birth can be achieved with love, support and awareness even when things don’t go to “plan”. Whether you plan to utilise modern medicine during your birth, go completely intervention free, or decide to change your mind in the midst of labor, I  will support your choices. Each birth is unique; there is no one-size-fits-all birth plan.

 “I think one of the best things we could do would be to help women/parents/families discover their own birth power, from within themselves.  And to let them know it’s always been there, they just needed to tap into it.”

 ~ John H. Kennell

I will provide you with physical support throughout your journey. I’m a massage therapist, I believe pregnancy shouldn’t be “endured”. I will work to make your pregnancy and postpartum physically comfortable and will work with other health professionals to achieve this goal. Throughout labour I will utilise my skill set (massage, acupressure, hot/cold therapy, aromatherapy, positioning and more) to comfort you or I will simply be there for you.

I will provide you with knowledge. I will make sure I present you with evidence based research to help answer all your questions. No question will go unanswered. I will support you in developing your own birth preferences. I will support you in becoming as informed and educated as you need in developing your own birth attitude and birth values.

I will provide you with emotional support. I will listen to your worries and concerns and delight in your happiness. I will be there for you. You will be my focus. I will advocate for you and support your birth preferences. I will provide reassurance and encouragement. I trust in your ability to give birth. I will not replace your partner, your family or your midwife or medical team. My role includes supporting your birth partner by offering a reassuring presence that birth is a natural process and by offering ideas as to how best to support you. I will “mother the mother”.

But most of all, I will respect your birthright to labour and birth your baby in your own time and your own way.

 ~ Rachael Elswyk – Fiore Mama.

As a doula I feel it is a privilege and honour to be sharing in the everyday miracle of birth and the birthing journey. To enable a woman to become a mother, a couple a family, a family a tribe.

“Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” ~ Barbara Katz Rothman

 Thankyou for reading!


It’s YOUR massage!


Start by booking a Meet & Greet Session with Rachael at the Fiore Massage clinic, where we can discuss and develop a bespoke massage session to get the right results for you. We can incorporate acupressure, trigger-point therapy, hot stones and cupping as well as Hawaiian and traditional remedial massage techniques to suit your specific needs. It’s YOUR body, so let’s make every massage YOUR tailor made massage!

Begin by heading to our 24/7 online bookings page HERE OR call/text Rachael on 0418577205 and book a no cost, no obligation Meet and Greet session and see everything we have to offer at Fiore Massage!

Bonus! Book a Meet and Greet session and receive 25% off your first massage session at Fiore Massage! Don’t forget, as a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia, Fiore Massage massage sessions are applicable for health fund rebates (via reciept – HICAPS pending). And we also offer concession prices for eligible cards.

Looking forward to meeting you in the #zenzone soon!


Introducing Energy Balance Bodywork!

I’m so very pleased to announce the introduction of Chakra Energy Balance bodywork and Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork!

I’ve had such a wonderful journey the past few years learning and experiencing new techniques and practices from a wide range of awesome energy and massage practitioners and I’ve been passing my skills on to each of you as I’ve travelled along. But along the way I’ve often toyed with the idea of combining all these amazing tools into one bodywork session, taking from each discipline and mixing it together to form an intuitive and special experience goes beyond “table time”. And Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork and Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork were born!

As a special introductory offer, I’m reducing the full price of both Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork and Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork by 30%!

So thats’ a 90 minute bodywork session reduced from $100 to just $70.00! And if you’re eligible for Relaxation Massage rebates from your health fund, you can claim the 45 minute massage costs. How good is that?

How awesome is it that we get to share this fantastic energy?

So what’s an Energy Balance Bodywork session entail???

Introducing our Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork & Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork – A unique massage experience that’s a blend of Kinesiology, Energy Bodywork & Massage to bring harmony to your energetic self.

Fiore Massage Energy Balance Bodywork incorporates muscle monitoring to identify which of your point of your specific energy system (Chakra or Elemental) is out of alignment & bring it back to balance using holistic spiritual techniques drawing from eastern, western and traditional energy and massage systems. Our aim is to restore wellness In all facets of your whole self – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Bring balance back to your self to clear the “noise” and allow yourself to step forward with clarity and confidence. 

Our Energy Balance Bodywork begins with the Kinesiology technique, muscle testing, to identify imbalances within your chosen Energy System. Once we’ve identified which area requires tuning, we are able to choose from a specific group of essential oils, flower and gem essences to combine with your chosen massage medium, to provide a uniquely tailored bodywork session. We can also draw from a vast range of supporting energy tools such as affirmations, oracle cards, crystals and singing bowls to enhance the session.

Your Energy Balance Bodywork session includes a 45 minute massage, using Hawaiian and Swedish massage techniques together with subtle energy work focusing on the torso, abdominal region*, head and neck and feet* (*optional), to relax the body, ease muscle tension, soothe the mind, and bring balance to the energy system. The session concludes with the South American tradition of rebozos and “closing the Bones” and clearing the space of negative and residual imbalances.

We also provide you with a feedback info sheet and a refreshing herbal tisane at the conclusion of the session. You are welcome to take away with you your unique massage medium, so you can continue the experience well after you’ve left the bodywork space.

Fiore Massage Energy Balance Bodywork is an 90 minute session. If applicable you can claim the 45 minute relaxation massage if your Health fund allows.

Choose between balancing your Chakra Energy System or Your Five Element Energy system

Click to head to the Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork page

Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork is based on the belief that the body has seven main energy centres along the spine which absorb and emit life force. These energy centers are referred to as chakras. The chakra system is an energy system we can use for personal growth. Commonly, we recognise seven main chakras, which are junctions between consciousness (mind) and matter (body) and which link the various aspects of what makes us human: our physical, energetic, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual selves. When we focus on the chakras, we can connect to these aspects and move toward balance, health, and well-being.

The easiest way to understand chakras is to equate each one to a life energy within the human body Each of your chakras governs a specific function within your body, along with specific emotional issues associated with it. Take for example the solar plexus chakra, which affects digestion. If a blockage or imbalance occurs in the solar plexus chakra, due to stress, other emotional issues or poor diet, the chakra can become blocked and it can cause gas, indigestion, constipation and all sorts of uncomfortable digestive issues. Mentally, the solar plexus chakra governs self-love and self-esteem, and is therefore involved with problems of indecisiveness, sensitivity to criticism and fear of rejection.

Click to head to the Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork Page

Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork is based on five element system, an ancient way of looking at the human body, human personalities, the environment and much more. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water are viewed as the primary natural elements.

The five elements theory is a system of correspondences and patterns, which include processes and functions of the body, mind and spirit. Each element is symbolically represented by Wood, Fire, Earth, Air/Metal and Water. The five elements are symbolic for the different phases, or primal forces within the universe, nature, and our bodies. Each element is also attributed to a certain personality archetype. Knowing which element(s) predominates our personalities can help further insight into our lives and relationships.

Ancient Chinese philosophy proposes that human behavior, emotions, and health are also influenced by these elements. If we understand these elements, we can use them to stay in balance physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally—or to return to balance after unhealthy living, illness, stress, or other disturbances.

It’s easy to book online too, just head to our 24/7 online booking system, choose from the drop down menu Energy Balance Bodywork, and pick whether you’d like to balance your Chakras or 5 Elements! Follow the flow and pick your date and time. Fill out your details and you’re all booked in…Easy Peasy. You can always drop me a text or call too!

Don’t forget I also offer a No Obligation-Free of Charge Meet & Greet session! You can find this on the bookings page too.

I hope you take advantage of this offer, I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you. See you in the Energy Balance Bodywork #zenzone!