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“Aloha! My name is Rachael, & I’ve always been interested in massage & the healing arts. As a receiver I’ve experienced a number of massage styles, from 5 star spa massage to yoga massage, from remedial massage to chakra massage. And I’ve loved them all! It wasn’t until a major life change a few years ago that I was able to focus on massage as being that “one thing” that I wanted to do with my life.

My background is in healthcare, I hold a Bachelor of Nursing, specialising in Perioperative Nursing, but since 2009 I began to shift towards finding a balance in my work/home/personal life & was drawn to massage as being the key.

I am a Level 3 certified KaHuna Massage Therapist, having trained with Mette’s Institute in Queensland, where I will continue my studies, & a Remedial Massage Therapist, having completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage (DipRM) with the Australian College of Massage (ACM), and have completed both the Certificate of Pregnancy Massage, and NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage Practitioner (also, Labour Preperation and Partner Training update and Post Natal Massage update 2014) course with Pregnancy Massage Australia, studied with Suzanne Yates from Well Mother (UK) in shiatsu techniques and advanced pregnancy massage, as well as intensive study in Fertility Massage with Clare Blake and Fertility Massage Therapy™ (UK), both endorsed by AAMT. I have also completed Infant Massage Information Service – Certified Infant Massage Instructor course in 2014.

I am currently pursuing studies in Energy Balnce Bodywork, including Kinesiology based Chakra Balancing and Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology as well as Reiki I & II, as I believe that healing massage is as much intuitive as it is intentional.

In 2016 I will commence training as both a Childbirth Educator and Birth Attendant (Doula) to fully enhance and complement my Maternity Bodywork. 

It is part of my  work ethic to keep abreast of current trends in my profession and continually refresh and increase my skill set to provide my clients with the best service possible.” – Rachael (2015)

Professionally, a set value of CPE (Continual Professional Education) points for annual registration with AAMT must be maintained for membership and insurance with AON, including First Aid accreditation. 

Rachael is listed as a Remedial Massage Therapist with the Australian Association of Massage Therapists LTD (AAMT), and as a student with The Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA) and is covered by AON Insurance. Fiore Massage is an accredited WorkSafe Victoria Provider and Health Fund rebates are available.


 current oN-GOING education & ENROLMENTS


••Childbirth International••

Childbirth Educator Training and Certification.

18 month Certificate course.

Part Time/Distance Education. Estimated Graduation Date – 2016

••Clare Blake – Fertility Massage UK••

Fertility Massage Therapy.

July 11-14th  2015

Current Status Fertility Massage Therapy Student Practitioner

4 day workshop and subsequent certification

(Fertility Massage UK/MAMA, Melbourne) AMMT endorsed.


By The Bay Kinesiology – Denise Robinson. Chakra Healing Kinesiology (26 hours). Australian Kinesiology Association – Category “B” Course. (BTBK, Chelsea).

By The Bay Kinesiology – Denise Robinson. Kineasy Intro course (6 Hours) (BTBK, Chelsea).

Clare Blake- Fertility Massage Therapy. Robozo Techniques for Pregnancy, Labour, Postpartum and Bodywork. 1 day workshop (Fertility Massage UK/Brighton, Victoria.)


Suzanne Yates Advanced Pregnancy Massage, 2 day workshop (WellMother/Australian Shiatsu College, Melbourne).

Suzanne Yates Shiatsu for Midwives, Doula’s & Childbirth Educators, 2 day Workshop (WellMother/Australian Shiatsu College, Melbourne).

NurtureLife® Practioner Anual Refresher Workshop (Pregnancy Massage Australia. MAMA, Melbourne).

IMIS  Certified Infant Massage Instructor. (Infant Massage Information Service. RMH, Melbourne).

Advanced Workshop: NurtureLife® Post Natal Massage. (Pregnancy Massage Australia. MAMA, Melbourne).

Advanced Workshop: NurtureLife® Partner Training & Massage for Labour. (Pregnancy Massage Australia. MAMA, Melbourne).


ili ili Stones Refresher course. (ili ili Stones. CERES, Melbourne).

Short Course: Myofascial Release. (Endeavour College of Natural Health. Melbourne).

Diploma Pregnancy Massage- NurtureLife® Pregnancy Practitioner.(Pregnancy Massage Australia. MAMA, Melbourne).

Certificate Pregnancy Massage. (Pregnancy Massage Australia. MAMA, Melbourne).

Certificate Indian Head Massage. (Indian Head Massage Institute, Melbourne).

Short Course: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. (Endeavour College of Natural Health. Melbourne).

Ka Huna Practitioner, Level 3. (Mettes Institute. Kin Kin, QLD).

Diploma Remedial Massage. (Australian College of Massage. Sth Melbourne).

Certificate IV Massage. (Australian College of Massage. Sth Melbourne).

Provide First Aid, Level 2. (Victorian First Aid Services. Traralgon).


KaHuna Practitioner, Levels 1 & 2. (Mettes Institute. Kin Kin, QLD).

ili ili Stones Certificate. (ili ili Stones. Brunswick).


Bachelor Nursing. (Griffith University. Brisbane QLD).

Fiore means Bloom, Blossom, To Flower in Italian.

The Lotus signifies “New Beginnings”


“I share an great affinity with the Celtic & Germanic Goddess, Aeracura, and I’m pleased to have her watching over me and my company” – Rachael, 2014.

Aeracura is the goddess devoted to blossoming. Her message is that you are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process and do not give up. Her name is pronounced Air-uh-cure-uh. She is a Celtic and Germanic Goddess, who is an Earth Mother Deity, a Fairy Queen and a bridge between this life and spirit. She helps us to put our goals and challenges into perspective, so that we don’t needlessly stress ourselves.

“Having experienced significant loss through Black Saturday in 2009, an event changed every aspect of my life, I was searching for what I began to term the new normal. Through this process I was drawn to a woman’s workshop focusing on the spirit, chakras and unleashing our inner Goddess. I kept finding myself gravitating towards the Goddess Aeracura, and finding that not only was her meaning apt to this particular stage in my life,  but that she was to become my guide for finding my purpose in my personal, family, and professional life. As I continue to develop my therapeutic massage skills and especially now that I find myself specialising in pregnancy and infant massage, I find it comforting that my business has as it’s totem, the Goddess devoted to blossoming!” – Rachael (2014)

Many people live their stressful lives day to day without taking any time off just for them. Everyone deserves a well needed moment of relaxation & massage is just the right technique for that. It will relax your mind and body, giving you a break from the stress of your life. 

By focusing on awareness, breathing, releasing and compassion, massage can be the key to removing tension, negatively & discomfort. 

The power of touch can assist in the healing process, and create a sense of renewal, inner calm & stillness.


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