So excited to finally let the cat out of the bag! This is something Danielle and I have been working hard on behind the scenes for quite a long time, and we’re getting close to launching our collaborative project “Getting Ready for Baby”!


Rachael Elswyk, of Fiore Massage + Fiore Mama, together with Danielle Black, Holistic Health Practitioner, are pleased to introduce “Getting Ready For Baby”, a beautiful combination of Bodywork, Hypnotherapy, Labour Preparation and Planning.

Our “Getting Ready for Baby” sessions have been developed because we have both noticed for some time that many birthing families are needing more from what is currently offered in pregnancy, labour, birth and post-natal services and support.
Although we will offer specific consultations with a particular focus, all of our new consultations will continue to be underpinned with our current philosophy – that is, your consultation is tailored to meet YOUR needs; whether you are a new family or a growing family, a family new to the area or you just want a contemporary, evidence-based approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Whether you choose to birth at home or in a hospital, whether this is your first birth or your fifth, if you’re a VBAC or you’ve already booked a Caesarean Section – we are here to support you in your Motherhood journey and help you to strengthen your MIND-BODY-BABY connection.

Please stay connected to us through social media, via our websites, or in our clinic. We are on target to launch our new services in November 2017, but we welcome expressions of interest before then. And of course, we will always continue to offer our current treatments and consultations. Feel free to contact us direct, via:

Rachael Elswyk, Fiore Massage/Fiore Mama                            Phone 0418 577 205

Danielle Black, Holistic Health Practitioner                        Phone 0400 007 706


Rachael, a Remedial Pregnancy NurtureLife® Practitioner, Doula and Childbirth Educator* brings her extensive Bodywork knowledge to clients, having trained with a number of Birth World Specialists such as Pregnancy Massage Australia, Suzanne Yates, Sunderai Felich, Jenny Blyth and Spinning Babies. This experience and skill-base combines with Rachael’s many years of experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse (Theatre/Anaesthetics), Doula and *Student Lamaze Childbirth Educator to provide;


•Prenatal Remedial Massage Therapy
•Labour Preparation Bodywork,
•Birth Partner Essentials for Labour,
•Birth Plan Brainstorming Sessions
•Post-Natal Bodywork.



Danielle specialises in pre-conception health, fertility, stress management and the mind-body connection between health, wellbeing, fertility and pregnancy. Danielle’s numerous qualifications in the areas of Education, Counselling, Reproductive Health & Fertility, and soon-to-be Hypnotherapy (specialising in Fertility and Pregnancy), are highlighted by training with respected professionals such as Dr. Kerry Hampton and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer. A mother of three, Danielle brings her extensive professional and personal knowledge and expertise to provide;



•Pregnancy Stress Management,
•Labour Hypnotherapy & Relaxation and
•Post-Natal Planning and Preparation sessions

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