Introducing Energy Balance Bodywork!

I’m so very pleased to announce the introduction of Chakra Energy Balance bodywork and Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork!

I’ve had such a wonderful journey the past few years learning and experiencing new techniques and practices from a wide range of awesome energy and massage practitioners and I’ve been passing my skills on to each of you as I’ve travelled along. But along the way I’ve often toyed with the idea of combining all these amazing tools into one bodywork session, taking from each discipline and mixing it together to form an intuitive and special experience goes beyond “table time”. And Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork and Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork were born!

As a special introductory offer, I’m reducing the full price of both Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork and Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork by 30%!

So thats’ a 90 minute bodywork session reduced from $100 to just $70.00! And if you’re eligible for Relaxation Massage rebates from your health fund, you can claim the 45 minute massage costs. How good is that?

How awesome is it that we get to share this fantastic energy?

So what’s an Energy Balance Bodywork session entail???

Introducing our Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork & Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork – A unique massage experience that’s a blend of Kinesiology, Energy Bodywork & Massage to bring harmony to your energetic self.

Fiore Massage Energy Balance Bodywork incorporates muscle monitoring to identify which of your point of your specific energy system (Chakra or Elemental) is out of alignment & bring it back to balance using holistic spiritual techniques drawing from eastern, western and traditional energy and massage systems. Our aim is to restore wellness In all facets of your whole self – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Bring balance back to your self to clear the “noise” and allow yourself to step forward with clarity and confidence. 

Our Energy Balance Bodywork begins with the Kinesiology technique, muscle testing, to identify imbalances within your chosen Energy System. Once we’ve identified which area requires tuning, we are able to choose from a specific group of essential oils, flower and gem essences to combine with your chosen massage medium, to provide a uniquely tailored bodywork session. We can also draw from a vast range of supporting energy tools such as affirmations, oracle cards, crystals and singing bowls to enhance the session.

Your Energy Balance Bodywork session includes a 45 minute massage, using Hawaiian and Swedish massage techniques together with subtle energy work focusing on the torso, abdominal region*, head and neck and feet* (*optional), to relax the body, ease muscle tension, soothe the mind, and bring balance to the energy system. The session concludes with the South American tradition of rebozos and “closing the Bones” and clearing the space of negative and residual imbalances.

We also provide you with a feedback info sheet and a refreshing herbal tisane at the conclusion of the session. You are welcome to take away with you your unique massage medium, so you can continue the experience well after you’ve left the bodywork space.

Fiore Massage Energy Balance Bodywork is an 90 minute session. If applicable you can claim the 45 minute relaxation massage if your Health fund allows.

Choose between balancing your Chakra Energy System or Your Five Element Energy system

Click to head to the Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork page

Chakra Energy Balance Bodywork is based on the belief that the body has seven main energy centres along the spine which absorb and emit life force. These energy centers are referred to as chakras. The chakra system is an energy system we can use for personal growth. Commonly, we recognise seven main chakras, which are junctions between consciousness (mind) and matter (body) and which link the various aspects of what makes us human: our physical, energetic, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual selves. When we focus on the chakras, we can connect to these aspects and move toward balance, health, and well-being.

The easiest way to understand chakras is to equate each one to a life energy within the human body Each of your chakras governs a specific function within your body, along with specific emotional issues associated with it. Take for example the solar plexus chakra, which affects digestion. If a blockage or imbalance occurs in the solar plexus chakra, due to stress, other emotional issues or poor diet, the chakra can become blocked and it can cause gas, indigestion, constipation and all sorts of uncomfortable digestive issues. Mentally, the solar plexus chakra governs self-love and self-esteem, and is therefore involved with problems of indecisiveness, sensitivity to criticism and fear of rejection.

Click to head to the Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork Page

Elemental Energy Balance Bodywork is based on five element system, an ancient way of looking at the human body, human personalities, the environment and much more. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water are viewed as the primary natural elements.

The five elements theory is a system of correspondences and patterns, which include processes and functions of the body, mind and spirit. Each element is symbolically represented by Wood, Fire, Earth, Air/Metal and Water. The five elements are symbolic for the different phases, or primal forces within the universe, nature, and our bodies. Each element is also attributed to a certain personality archetype. Knowing which element(s) predominates our personalities can help further insight into our lives and relationships.

Ancient Chinese philosophy proposes that human behavior, emotions, and health are also influenced by these elements. If we understand these elements, we can use them to stay in balance physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally—or to return to balance after unhealthy living, illness, stress, or other disturbances.

It’s easy to book online too, just head to our 24/7 online booking system, choose from the drop down menu Energy Balance Bodywork, and pick whether you’d like to balance your Chakras or 5 Elements! Follow the flow and pick your date and time. Fill out your details and you’re all booked in…Easy Peasy. You can always drop me a text or call too!

Don’t forget I also offer a No Obligation-Free of Charge Meet & Greet session! You can find this on the bookings page too.

I hope you take advantage of this offer, I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you. See you in the Energy Balance Bodywork #zenzone!



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